Leading the Way in Providing High Quality Products, On Time, at Competitive Prices

American Cable is committed to providing you – the Original Equipment Market – with high-quality products, delivered on time, at competitive prices. Our commitment dates back to 1976 when Carlos M. Gonzalez started the company, firmly setting its direction then by providing the highest quality product in the market.

For over 30 years, we have employed talented, experienced individuals to design assemblies and components with a primary focus on quality. We develop and build most of our testing equipment, electrical and mechanical. When necessary, we utilize outside labs for specific, required testing that cannot be performed in-house.

Customized Manufacturing Software
We use custom written manufacturing software – our Integrated Quoting System (IQS) – to capture the specific standards or specifications required to engineer an assembly.

First, the software converts your product specs into American Cable component numbers. Then, after the parts are verified in IQS, the system generates an automatic quote. The IQS gives us the ability to provide you with a quote quickly, efficiently and accurately. The IQS also produces a process sheet that flows through a verification process and an electronic sign-off that ensures that the product being assembled is correct from day one.

Product Tracking
After your order is received, it goes into our fully automated systems and runs through the areas of order entry, jobs creation and release, scheduling and traceability. With our Shop Floor Control System (SFCS), your job is tracked at every station, giving us visibility from start to shipping. Within our SFCS, a quality sign-off is required for the first piece of every job.

American Cable continues to make the necessary investments to assure our quality is at the highest level in the market. While battery cables and harnesses remain our core business, quality continues to be the key to our success.