Quality Policy
If you’re looking for quality, you’ll find it within our Q.D.P.S. quality policy.

Q: High Quality Products
D: Just-In-Time Delivery
P: Competitive Market Prices
S: Customer Service and Support

Following in our founder’s footsteps, American Cable believes quality is one of the most important benefits we can provide you. With that in mind, we use our custom written software to record and monitor quality data throughout the manufacturing process. At every step in the process – from Advance Quality Planning to the Pre-Production Approval Process to Job Traceability – American Cable maintains high quality performance.

Quality Improvement Program
Our Quality Improvement Program helps us keep quality high and costs low for you because we:

  • Monitor the Continuous Cost of Quality,
  • Perform ongoing studies on the Pre-Production Approval Process and the
  • Machinery and Process Capability,
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility, and
  • Follow and refine Mistake Proofing Processes

Commitment to Six Sigma
As a result of our commitment to Six Sigma, we constantly perform studies and make the necessary changes to bring you the highest quality product possible. We continue to develop more Six Sigma Black and Green Belts on staff to streamline our operations and processes to enable us to satisfy and exceed your quality expectations. For example, while assembly boards are typically utilized with products in our harness division, we have identified and take advantage of huge benefits in their use in the manufacturing of complex battery cables.

Certification and Training
American Cable is:

  • ISO-9001Certified
  • UL Listed

We have achieved numerous individual customer certifications throughout the years and continue to improve our systems utilizing the latest technology available. Our employees receive education and extensive training in many areas. We also utilize internal audits throughout our facility to ensure quality instructions and procedures are followed.